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Downloadable Posters

Needing Water Wise posters for your house, office or school?

Here are a range of posters which you can print out, laminate and stick up. Just click on the poster of your choice.

WW hand washing Water week tips 3
7 Steps to washing your hands the Water Wise way Water Wise hygiene tips to help fight COVID-19
Water Wise - 6 Meanings Signage_Page_1 Water Wise - 6 Meanings Signage_Page_2 Water Wise - 6 Meanings Signage_Page_3
Respect Water, Respect Life Don't Waste Water Don't Pollute Water
Water Wise - 6 Meanings Signage_Page_4 Water Wise - 6 Meanings Signage_Page_5 Water Wise - 6 Meanings Signage_Page_6
Pay for your Water Services
 Take Environmental Action  Conserve Water
Water Wise - Dual Flush Toilet Water Wise - Recycle Reuse Reduce Water Wise - Recycling_Page_1
Dual Flush Toilets Recycle, Reuse, Reduce
Recycle your Tins/Cans here
Water Wise - Recycling_Page_2 Water Wise - Recycling_Page_3 Water Wise - Recycling_Page_4
Recycle your Plastics here Recycle your Papers here Recycle your Food Stuffs here
Water Wise - Recycling_Page_5 Water Wise - Recycling_Page_6 Water Wise - Sanitation
Recycle your Glass here Recycle Tetra Pak here Sanitation
Water Wise - Turn off non-essential plugs Water Wise - Turn off the light Water Wise - Turn off the light switch (2)
Does this electrical applicance really need to be left on? Turn off the Lights Do you really need to leave the light on?
Water Wise - Your Tap Water is Safe to Drink Water Wise Poster - Boys Bathroom Water Wise Poster - Gents Bathroom
Your Tap Water is Safe to Drink Boys Bathroom Gents Bathroom
Water Wise Poster - Girls Bathroom Water Wise Poster - Ladies Bathroom  
Girls Bathroom Ladies Bathroom