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Guide to Water Wise Landscaping

2017 SALI WW Guide Mag - For WebThis Water Wise booklet looks at the implementation of Water Wise practises in the field of landscaping. As South Africa experiences a semi-arid climate, creating functional and aesthetically pleasing landscapes is a challenge for landscape professionals, gardeners and property/facility managers. However, by engaging the basic principles of Water Wise gardening and the concepts and ideas provided in this booklet, landscapers and facility managers will have the opportunity to create and maintain stimulating water-saving landscape designs.

This booklet is suitable for anyone interested in water conservation and the active practise of Water Wise principles. Professional landscapers, amateur gardeners, industry specialists, facility managers, sport facility managers and hospitality managers will find this booklet very handy. Helpful hints on managing water conservation in buildings enhance the outdoor and garden concepts detailed in this booklet. 


Guide to Water Wise Landscaping - Part 1

Guide to Water Wise Landscaping - Part 2