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Water Your Garden

Greywater Use in Gardens (971KB)
Learn more about grey water, what it is and how it can be used to help reduce your water consumption.
Water Wise Irrigation (415KB)
This document covers tips for watering the home garden, nursery watering, light and the impact it has on water utilization by the plant, humidity and pot plants...
Water Wisely (2.3MB)
Discover how to harvest free water for your garden. Did you know that you can collect free water to use in your garden? Here are some good ideas that will save you money.
Capture the Rain (3MB)
Save on your water bills and ensure that your plants don't suffer during dry spells by harvesting rainwater. Rainwater tanks provide a renewable supply of natural...
Water Wise Watering (346KB)
The world's average annual rainfall is 985 mm, whereas South Africa's annual rainfall is 492 mm - only half the world's average.
Irrigation Poster (183KB)
Download the irrigation poster.
Irrigation Lesson Notes (2.3MB)
South Africa receives an average rainfall of 492 mm, whereas the rest of the earth receives an average of 985 mm.