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Water Wise Soil (331KB)
Soil preparation although normally focused on as the initial phase when planting or landscaping a garden is actually a constantly ongoing process all year round.
Water Wise Mulch (100KB)
Mulching - nature's own blanket protection against water loss. Only deserts in nature don't have mulching to protect them.
Soil Matters (2.3MB)
Improving your soil will conserve water and increase plant growth and health. As you build up a good soil structure, the soil will become crumbly and easy to dig.
Healthy Soil Saves Water (3.7MB)
Soil is formed by the breakdown of parent rock. The type of soil formed depends on the type of rock as well as the size of the particles.
Soil Poster (395KB)
Download the soil poster.
Soil Lesson Notes (2.1MB)
The different particles found in soil are commonly described as sand, silt and clay. The terms "sand", "silt" and "clay" refer to the different soil particle sizes.
Mulch Your Garden (3.4MB)
Mulch is essential to keep a garden healthy and Water Wise.
Mulch the Soil (588KB)
Mulch is any material that can be placed on the surface of the soil in order to keep moisture in the soil. Mulch is one of the quickest, easiest and most cost effective...