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Food Gardening

Natural therapy (health garden) (1.5MB)
There is a wide variety of herbal and medicinal plants that you can grow to create your own healing garden.
Grow Grapes (1.2MB)
Planting a grapevine will provide fresh fruit to sell and to preserve. Grapevines are not difficult to grow – they like gravel and stony soils, where the soil drains well.
Create a Water Wise Garden for Health (1.4MB)
We all know that Water Wise gardens are good for plants, but did you know that Water Wise gardens are good for people too?
Collect Your Own Seeds (962KB)
Save money by collecting seeds to grow your own flowers and vegetables. Annuals are plants that grow for one season only, so, unless you collect seeds from them...
All About Citrus (916KB)
Oranges, lemons and naartjies are popular fruits for winter. In areas where it is not very cold in winter, you can grow citrus, such as naartjies, lemons and oranges.
Water Wise Vegetables (229KB)
This document covers: the shape of the vegetable bed, irrigation, Water Wise practices, mulching, the edible garden and herbs.
Plant Health-Giving Vegetables (2.1MB)
With planning and a bit of work, you can make a Water Wise vegetable garden.
What to Sow When (600KB)
Find out what seeds you need to sow each month.
Look After Your Garden (1.3MB)
A successful garden needs regular attention. Feeding and watering your garden regularly and watching out for pests and diseases are all part of maintenance.
Sow Your Own Seeds (2.3MB)
Find out how to grow your own vegetables from seed. Growing vegetables to eat is a good way to keep healthy.
Grow Your Own Plants From Seed (1.7MB)
Growing annual flowers and vegetables from seed is less expensive than buying them in trays. To begin growing plants from seed, buy a packet of seeds or use seeds you have...
Grow Your Own Fruit (1.9MB)
Grow your own fruit trees for a healthy harvest for your family, or to sell for extra money. Deciduous trees are a good Water Wise choice for summer rainfall gardens...
Vegetable Gardening (2.7MB)
Home vegetable gardens can help your environment. By growing your own vegetables you can save on water use and ensure what you eat is pesticide free.
Vegetable Gardening Poster (193KB)
Download the vegetable gardening poster.
Vegetable Gardening Lesson Notes (2MB)
Growing fresh vegetables to eat is one way of keeping healthy. Most vegetables can easily be grown directly from seeds sown in your garden.