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Garden Design

Therapeutic Gardening (984KB)
Do you have a relative with poor eyesight living in your home? By giving some thought to the planning of your garden, they will get great enjoyment out of the garden.
Accessible Gardens (1.2MB)
Gardening can be therapeutic for a sick or physically challenged person. Did you know that having an attractive garden and spending time in it can be beneficial to your health?
Create Your Own Wetland (983KB)
Bog gardens attract a variety of wildlife into the garden. How can you contribute to the massive drive to improve our environment?
Creative Ideas (994KB)
Spend time making useful and decorative items for your garden, or sell them to your neighbours.
Enjoy your garden ecosystem (1.9MB)
Make your own contribution to the conservation of our environment by preserving ecosystems in your garden.
Harvesting Nature's Resource (1.3MB)
Use the rain water that falls onto paved areas to benefit your garden. Did you know that water run-off from your paving and driveway can be channelled into your garden?
Looking After Your Garden (1.1MB)
A successful garden needs regular attention. Fertilising and watering your garden regularly and watching out for pests and diseases are all part of a successful garden.
Make a Pond for Wildlife (1.3MB)
If you enjoy watching insects and birds, make a pond to attract them to your garden.
Make your Own Compost (1.4MB)
A spadeful of good garden soil may contain more microscopic organisms than there are people on the earth. Here's how you as a gardener can keep this unseen world of...
Plan before Planting (955KB)
Planning is the first step in creating a Water Wise garden. By spending time on planning your garden, you will save money, time and water.
The Finishing Touches (1.2MB)
Make your garden attractive by adding some decorative items.
The Ground Floor (887KB)
Did you know that your lawn is one of the biggest users of water in the garden?
Water Wise Water Features (1.7MB)
This document covers tips for building water features the Water Wise way.
Water Wise Design (1.7MB)
This document covers: starting with a plan, tips for attractive design, making dormant areas attractive, doing away with those difficult areas, six ways to revamp...
Water Wise Gardening Poster (326KB)
Download the Water Wise gardening poster.
Water Wise Gardening Lesson Notes (1.8MB)
Not only do plants need a home/soil (habitat), light, water, air and food, but they also need to have these factors in the correct amounts.
Climate Poster (388KB)
Download the climate poster.
Climate Lesson Notes (5.4MB)
Through the process of photosynthesis, plants absorb energy from the sun and use it to make carbohydrates from carbon dioxide and water.