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Vereeniging Purification Station

The Water Wise Garden is located at the Water Wise House on Rand Water's Purification Station in Vereeniging. The aim of the garden is to facilitate the Water Wise educational programmes run at this centre with an emphasis on the Water Wise principles in the garden. These include the use of plants with different characteristics to make them Water Wise, vegetable gardening and rain water harvesting.


The new garden

The garden is currently being revamped and expanded to include a sensory trail towards the end of the garden using mulch and herbs. The plan for this garden is to reflect that a Water Wise garden can be attractive hence, lots of bright coloured, textured and aromatic plants will be used. The garden will highlight plant adaptations using local indigenous plants and Highveld grasses for coping with dry climates. Examples of these plant groupings are grey foliage plants, small leaves foliage, hairy, waxy cuticles, and aromatic oils. In addition, companion planting will be emphasized in the edible garden by using plant varieties which assist each other in nutrient uptake, pest control and pollination.  Watch this space for new information on the garden.

This garden is meant to be a tangible example to learners on how to go green and how to start a food garden.


Barrage Road

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