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Activities for the Classroom

Is it Worth It? (2.2MB)
For thousands of years, people got their water from rivers, streams and lakes and it cost them nothing. Then, as lifestyles changed, and people moved into towns and cities...
Water is the New Money... Look after It! (2.4MB)
Water is the Earth's most valuable resource. Without clean water nothing on Earth would survive. Without water, money is worthless.
Don't Pollute. Pay for Water. (1.6MB)
Many children are getting sick because they are drinking dirty river water. Their parents don’t want to pay for clean tap water.
Saving Water Makes Cents (1.8MB)
The learners from Ukulele School are watching a TV programme about water in Gauteng. Here are some facts they have learnt so far.
Clean Drinking Water in the Town (2.3MB)
Lots of people live in a town. It is important that there is enough clean water for everyone.